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LOGALTYOnline Legal Security

  • Full guarantees and probative force
  • Faster and Cheaper
  • Wherever you want: computer, mobile or tablet
  • "Logalty boosts the Companies' efficiency "
  • "Eurofinas incorporates Logalty into the European Credit Institutions union Federation"
  • "Logalty is proves to be, once again, a ground-breaking company; signing of agreements with Spanish DNIe 3.0 (NFC)"

Logalty is a Trusted Third Party who takes part and guarantees legal security in online transactions

Logalty is the Trusted Third Party who acts between the parties of online contracts and notifications, in order to, on a neutral and independent basis, guarantee and custody all processes arising from electronic transactions.

Furthermore, the document content is safely submitted in a notary, in order to guarantee the process integrity without any subsequent handling.

Have you received an e-mail or SMS from Logalty?

Logalty provides legal security in multiple situations: when signing a contract electronically, when it comes to communications and notifications, when you receive them or even when recording your calls, all of it with full guarantees and probative force.

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Online Contract signing

Now you can sign all your online contract operations with absolute security over a proven Platform.

With full legal validity, no need for the parties to be present.

Sign contracts
  • 24×7 access from anywhere
  • Cut operational costs
  • Use it with your clients and suppliers
  • Multidocument: to sign one or more documents simultaneously
  • Multisignature: sign different documents by several signatories in only one process

Send notifications, communications and guarantee the proof of delivery

As if it were a Burofax, send relevant information by any means, with an acknowledgement of receipt and inexpensively. Content integrity and sending date are guaranteed, due to Logalty intervention as trusted third party.

  • Cut your printing, transport and storage expenses
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Probative force and full legal validity
  • International postal sending to more than 240 countries
  • Via Letter
  • Via SMS
Perform your shipment

Send certified communications and ensure an availability proof

Whenever you need to send information electronically with no acknowledgment of receipt, but with an evidence that the document has been sent to its addressee, use the Electronic Certified Communication service.

Logalty participates as a Trusted Third Party offering you its service of electronic communication and also the possibility of sending content with the two other related services: Certified SMS and Certified E-mail.

Send communications

Generate a proof of availability of what you send by e-mail or SMS to third parties and:

  • Time stamp of the delivery time. In compliance with the Spanish Signature Act
  • Certification of content integrity filed with a notary
  • A minimum of a 5-year-custody given by Logalty with no additional costs
  • Cut your printing, transport and paper treatment costs

Certified Phone Call Recording with Burovoz App

Register and store your calls and phone conversations

  • With full legal validity
  • No commitments and without monthly payments. Payment according to its use.
  • Even register your call attempts
  • Best audio quality
  • Implement Burovoz for businesses in your company
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