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About Logalty

Logalty acts as Trusted third Party in online transactions in order to guarantee safe and unalterable transactions and with probative force

Logalty guarantees the content integrity of all transactions, it keeps its confidentiality by encoding all information exchanges, gives faith of the date and time using time stamping with the guarantee of a well known certification service provider, signs electronically all life cycle milestones of each transaction and enables to create evidence of the delivery from the sender to an addressee, therefore avoiding repudiation at destination.

Besides, we neutrally guarantee integrity through depositing into the notary all transactions content (ratifying these have not been altered after they have been issued) and the evidence durability, due to its content custody, including all registers related to each transaction life cycle, for a minimum of 5 years, extendable.

Why trust Logalty?

  • Our system is the most reliable of the market and the most used in large companies processes
  • Financial support of shareholders, market leaders
  • Services designed under Garrigues legal guidelines
  • First level technological platform
  • Deposit into a notary which guarantees all transactions content

Logalty is the legal safety online solution of a group of companies with a broad innovation experience

Logalty belongs to companies which are leader within their sectors. Its main shareholder is INFORMA D&B, leading company in information supply to companies, which offers all its information management know-how; SEUR, key operator in transport and logistics, which offers its experience in distribution and Socyam.

Logalty counts on Garrigues legal advisory services, to develop a legal design of products and services.




Logalty has been admitted as associate member of Eurofinas (European Federation of Finance House Associations).

The agreement with ASNEF, which made possible the incorporation of the entity Asnef Logalty Ltd., has enabled Logalty, at the same time,  to become part of Eurofinas as an associate member.

The new agreement with ASFAC in Portugal allows a further growth in the participation and cooperation with the European Federation Eurofinas.


This is a quite relevant organization within consumer credit in Europe, and, thanks to its fluent communication with institutions such as EBA (European Banking Authority) and EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority), it has great influence in decisive aspects on consumer protection.

The membership of Logalty in Eurofinas allows Logalty to offer larger guarantees in its trusted services to all European countries.

Logalty, as responsible and sustainable company, has the goal of creating a trust –worthy environment for our employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders and society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility can be translated into the provision:

To our clients: of products and services which help them in the decision-making processes with total trust. We are always competitive in our offers. We listen to your needs and try to take them into consideration at all times.

To our shareholders: of excellence in our processes, trying to minimize costs so as to maximize our products and services quality.


To our employees: of an ideal environment to develop all their potential, professional and human, supporting team work, developing equal opportunity and family-friendly policies, and taking care of their health and welfare.

To society: of resources for projects of social action, which enable access to the labor market to those with less opportunities, donations to social iniciatives related to culture, social welfare and socio-economic development.

To suppliers: obtaining mutual benefit and orienting our supplying chain towards more responsible and consistent practices with our policy of Social Responsibility.

Spanish Factoring Association (AEF)

The Spanish Factoring Association and Logalty have come into an agreement of cooperation, which enables to render all Logalty services to all its associate entities.

AEF is an association that represents the interests of the most relevant specialists, both credit institutions and corporations, which develop their factoring activities in Spain.

The Association, aware of the need of improving the business management of their associates, has asked for Logalty’s help.


The main goals set forth in the agreement are to allow all members of the Association to have standardized all their processes of electronic notification and communication, also postal, with full legal guarantee.

Likewise, certified electronic contracting services, both for factoring and confirming, are available.

Logalty solutions have been awarded and recognized worldwide


MPF awards, granted for the first time in 2002, are the only awards which give integral value to management innovation of professional services companies in Europe. Its goal is to acknowledge the main management contributions in areas such as marketing, human resources, technology, finance, knowledge management, best brand and leadership, among others.

2009 acknowledgement in this category was based in innovation oriented companies and the ongoing search of new services, which through technology, enable Logalty clients to use the new electronic relationship modalities, with a strong legal safety and a remarkable cost saving.


During the annual ceremony this British publishing group grants to the most innovative initiatives in European Law Firms, the top award within ‘Technology Innovation and Know-how’, was granted to Logalty and its electronic evidence generation and custody service, which provides with legal safety to online transactions.

The award was received by Logalty in 2008, acknowledging its ground breaking attitude in this initiative, unique in Europe. Financial times rated with 9 Logalty’s originality and with an 8 the project’s rationale (being 10 the highest mark). The British group highlighted ‘the importance of a service of this nature when promoting internet trade’.

A highly qualified team trained by the best contributors

The use of highly specialized resources enable us to place in the market business oriented services, in order to solve specific needs with full legal guarantee.

Our multidisciplinary tests are specialized in areas such as:

  • Legal
  • Business development
  • Transactions and Client support
  • Technology and Information management
  • Logic and Cryptographic Security

Everything is done with a wide multisectoral knowledge, both private (finance, insurance, services and industry) and public (local, autonomic, state and public undertakings).

Our teams and contributors enable us to guarantee the highest service quality.

  • Expert Legal team
    Logalty is leader in functional pattern services developed under Garrigues supervision.
  • Notary intervention
    Logalty creates services on transaction contents kept safe and guaranteed with a Notary.
  • Certification authority
    Logalty guarantees external time stamping which uses its platform with a well known certification services grantor, according to the Spanish law on Electronic signature.
  • Signature methods suppliers
    Logalty has several signature methods such as: key-stroke biometrics, SMS or voice.
  • Transport and Logistics
    Logalty counts on SEUR, a company with the widest transport and logistics network within Spain, for rendering its services.

Discover the services Logalty can offer to you