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Important changes in Logalty web


Today we launch important changes in our web: new image, new section with the Joint Ventures in Spain ASNEF Logalty and in Portugal ASFAC Logalty, and a new tab of the service Certified Communication.

Logalty stands for constant innovation, so once again, we adapt our services to the market and customer needs. Thus, on the face of the differentiated need between notification and communication, the web also makes a difference between these two concepts in separate tabs, in order to best find the service that best fits your needs.

Do you need to inform about something which requires acknowledgment of receipt and who receives it?

Then Postal or Electronic Certified Notification is what you need; it is like the all time Burofax delivered by hand or e-mail, with delivery proof, content integrity, filed with a notary and the same legal force as if it came from a post office.

Do you need to inform about a subject which only requires from acknowledgment of delivery, at a certain moment and with content integrity, but without the need of signing the recepción?

Then the Certified Communication by SMS or e-mail meets all these needs, with the same guarantees as notifications, except one: there is no need to sign the reception; on delivery it is only offered the proof of availability (which is not a minor thing), not the signature confirming reception.

With Logalty you can integrate all these services in your work routine and stop worrying about the delivery of relevant documents, being Logalty there to guarantee the evidence of all actions.

Our team will make you easier the transition towards telematic notification, thanks to our service proposal, that allows you to integrate your company’s processes and automated management of e-documents.