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ASNEF and ASFAC, Logalty ‘Joint Ventures’

Online legal security for financial entities in Spain and Portugal

Logalty has adapted its products and services to meet the needs of credit institutions and financial entities so as to provide, at any moment, with the most adequate services, in order to comply with the demanding requirements of sector regulations and client needs.

ASNEF and ASFAC respectively, offer their expertise and deep knowledge on the financial sector of consumer credit, developing anticipation of sector needs in legal and operation matters, identifying the most relevant business and regulation requirements of their partners.

logo_asnef_logaltyASNEF (Spanish Association of Credit Institutions) and Logalty have constituted the company ASNEF Logalty whose goal is to render trust services of proof generation for multi-position and other related services focused on the financial sector.

Processes for electronic procurement and notifications provided by ASNEF Logalty guarantee online legal certainty with the highest standards, being the most tested, flexible and adapted to the Consumer Credit and Financial sectors. This stands as an ongoing and successful guarantee and standard, no matter the difficulty of the project.

This new society was born to offer full legal guarantee in electronic transactions of ASNEF partners, in this necessary change from paper to the most innovative ways of electronic financial procurement.


ASFAC (Portuguese Association of Specialised Credit Institutions) and ASNEF Logalty have constituted the society ASFAC Logalty, which, as it is the case of ASNEF Logalty in Spain, intends to render services of Third Trusted Parties and other services related to the Portuguese financial sector.

This new company operating in Portugal will offer ASFAC partners and the rest of Portuguese financial entities, the products and services needed to help them guide their business models towards mobility, with the possibility of reaching clients through all available channels: internet, call centres, offices, sales points, etc. All the aforementioned, complying with the requirements of the Portuguese financial sector and client needs.