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Certified Call Recording

Record and store the phone calls of your phone conversations with Burovoz App

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Burovoz App is specially designed for individuals and professionals to record their mobile phone calls and certify them

  • Full legal validity
  • No commitments and without monthly payments. Pay as you go
  • Voice recording in a format valid for biometric tests
  • Even register your call attempts
  • Maximum sound quality
  • Channel separation recording for each speaker
  • Its use does not violate confidential communications rights

More than 1,5 million claims a year are received at the Spanish consumer affairs offices, around 100,000 divorce applications and other types of labor trials.

Due to this fact, Burovoz is launched, the first communications certificate system which enables to record phone calls with full legal security, respecting the fundamental right to confidential communications.


Available on theAPP STORE Android app onGoogle Play

How does it works

Certified Call Recording

Burovoz service has all requirements to keep record of phone conversations with full legal validity

Burovoz is an application able to certify and Store made phone calls, as well as call attempts. Although it can be used from any telephone, it is much more comfortable and intuitive from a smartphone. The user only has to install the app in an iPhone or Android and register in the service. Once this is done, you can access your contacts through the app in order to record and certify all phone calls and call attempts from your mobile phone, if you wish so.

The most relevant feature of Burovoz is its full legal validity.

Logalty guarantees the conversation authenticity, as well as the integrity of it, respecting the fundamental right to communications confidentiality thanks to the evidence generation and custody process. Certified conversations by this system can be used as evidence in a trial or administrative process.

Burovoz service includes:

  • Call integrity warranty, ensuring the call has not been altered
  • Time stamp, evidencing the day and time the conversation took place
  • Logalty Certificate guaranteeing the custody and authenticity of the digital recording
  • Phone number identification, for both caller and receiver
  • Highest Recording Quality
  • Audio channels separation, each party in its audio channel
  • Voice biometric fingerprint, Burovoz recordings are ready to obtain voice experts evidence

Burovoz for companies: the calls recording solution within the legal framework

Burovoz for companies is specially designed to solve the registration, recording, custody and certification of ongoing calls from the company extensions you may need.

Thanks to this service, you may count on legal support for those actions telephonically made in the required company extensions

The service is configured using the corporate switchboard, and enables, transparently for the users, to redirect the calls towards our service with the same guarantees and features our service has in the mobile app.

Everything you need to know about Burovoz

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