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Certified communication

Strengthen your organization's communications legal certainty

Send communications and ensure your proof of availability

When an e-mail does not require proof of delivery and only needs to confirm the availability of a document to its addressee, the integrity of the content and the moment it had been sent, Logalty’s Electronic Certified Communication service can provide you with the easiest and most efficient document delivery solution, since it only requires the addressee e-mail address or mobile phone number.

Electronic notifications using sms or email

Generate a proof of availability for third parties of what you send by mail or SMS:

  • Time stamp of the delivery time
  • Certification of content integrity filed with a notary
  • A minimum of a 5-year-custody given by Logalty with no additional costs
  • Cut your printing, transport and paper treatment costs

Everything you need to know

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Why using the certified communication?

  • Advance reporting on debts
  • Expirations
  • Budget approvals
  • Changes in certain agreements clauses
  • Invoice delivery
  • Further communications necessary to guarantee sending, date and content

Easily perform notifications from any place and send them by any means you prefer

Electronic certified communication

It consists on a notice delivery via e-mail and SMS, which enables the receiver to access and see the content sent by the sender through Logalty*

Certified SMS

It consists on a proof of delivery of text content to a mobile number by sending an SMS

Certified E-mail

It consists on a proof of availability of text content to an specific e-mail address by telematic means

* * Apart from having all proof of availability guarantees, typical from a Communication, this service provides you with an access test and collection of content

Multiple channels, same guarantee, your security

Electronic certified communication Certified SMS Certified E-mail
Acknowledgment of delivery
Content integrity certification
Filed with a notary (hash function)
Transaction result certificatation
A minimum of 2-year-custody of the acknowledgment
Proof of access and content collection
Delivery confirmation within the server
Forward of wrong delivery in terminal/inbox

How does it work

Electronic certified communication

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