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Electronic and Postal Notification

Send a Burofax from your computer or tablet with the same legal validity as if it was sent from your local post office

Send notifications and ensure your proof of delivery

As if it were a Burofax, send relevant information by any means, with acknowledgment of receipt and inexpensively. Keep content and delivery date integrity, because Logalty takes part as trusted third party.

Notificación electrónica postal, sms y email

  • Cut your printing, transport and storage expenses
  • 100% confidential.
  • Probative force and full legal validity.
  • International postal sending to more than 180 countries
  • Any place in Spain in 24 hours*

*If your sending is before 14:00, within the Spanish mainland

Everything you need to know

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Why use certified notification?

  • Debt claims notification
  • Changes in the clauses of agreements with clients and suppliers
  • Change of address
  • Debt claims notifications to open possible procedures of orders for payments
  • Assignment of receivables notifications
  • The release of a payment obligation
  • Termination of contract notifications
  • Notifications for any labor aspect related to employees

Easily perform notifications from any place and send them by any means you prefer

Electronic notification with acknowledgment of receipt

Logalty’s Electronic Certified Notification means an important step forward regarding relevant document sending. Guarantee the delivery with probative force only with the e-mail, mobile phone and ID Number* of the addressee.

Notificaciones electrónicas vía sms o email

  • Send your notifications at any time and from any place immediately
  • Guarantee the notification non-repudiation
  • Compatible with electronic ID and digital certificate
  • With Time Stamp from a Recognized Certifying Authority

* Other available means of identification and linkage through custom settings

Send now your electronic notification with eInforma

Logalty Burofax. Postal notification with acknowledgment of receipt.

Logalty´s Postal Certified Notification has full legal validity and complies with all postal regulations in force. Logalty possesses administrative approval and is registered at the Spanish CNSP (Spanish Postal Sector Commission). Relevant banks and insurance companies, as well as the main companies of other sectors, trust in Logalty Burofax for their postal notification processes. The content, date and time of the sending and the result of the delivery are under Logalty custody during a minimum period of 5 years. Due to this fact, the consistence of all probative elements go further than the minimum provided by other similar services. Postal notification includes:

  • Accreditation certificate for each sending
  • Acknowledgment of receipt
  • Content integrity with notarial deposit
  • Document custody for a minimum period of 5 years

And everything is always done through the same platform for all our services.

Send now your postal Burofax via SEUR

How does it work

Electronic notification 

Postal notification

Certified Communication: The 'provision' by e-mail

When your sending by e-mail does not require an acknowledgment receipt and only needs to prove the provision of a document to your addressee, Logalty certified communication service can provide you with an easier and more efficient document sending solution, because it only requires the e-mail address of your addressee.

Create evidence of your sending provision to third parties, thanks to the time stamp, the content integrity certification with notarial deposit and the custody from a minimum time of 5 years that Logalty includes without additional costs.

Certified notification from your own management system

Logalty multichannel solution allows companies, by only one platform, to send electronic and postal notifications. Our platform is easy to integrate in customized systems, business management systems or others by Web Services.

With Logalty, you can integrate all our services at work and stop worrying about the sending of relevant documents, with evidence guarantee provided by Logalty.

Our team can ease the transition to the telematic notification, thanks to our service proposal, which you can integrate your processes and electronic document automated management with in your company.

Simplify and save with your notifications

Get competitive improvements and simplify the process management with Logalty electronic notification integrated system. Let us call you and tell you how.

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