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Document Publishing

Easily publish documents for your organization with our high availability service

Logalty Certified Publishing services are widely used by public and private entities, due to the legal safety they provide, guaranteeing:

  • Evidence generation and custody
  • Access to evidence for a minimum of a 5-year-period
  • Publication integrity and authenticity
  • • Publication availability guarantee

Logalty, via its intervention role in electronic publication processes, deletes one-sidedness by providing or generating evidence.

Publishing is done in Logalty and its Logalty who generates and keeps in custody each publishing piece of evidence for a minimum period of 5 years.

Each access shall be registered and connected to each publication, thus customizing according to the highest standards of evidence admittance, approved and standardized by Logalty.

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OnClick, turn into evidence all registered users’ process actions

By OnClick we provide our clients with a process which gathers all actions made by your company’s web registered users on a specific content. Content publishing in Logalty will allow knowing the date, the time and the action carried out by the user.  OnClick makes use of certain measures that allow identifying and confirming the time, as well as time stamping of the Acknowledged Certification Authority.

This Logalty service shows the content to third interested parties, and thus with a click they can confirm or refuse the terms and conditions shown. Logalty will register the selected option by the user when clicking on the corresponding button and, will generate electronic evidence of the content and of the user’s selected option. Logalty will store and keep in custody the resulting evidence during a minimum period of five years, and thus the company could use the generated electronic files as credible proof in a legal process in the event this shall be required.

Prove by a third party the acceptance of the conditions required to your company according to the different regulations, as well as the content.

Logalty helps you guaranteeing:

  • Detailed list of clicks of acceptance or refusal
  • Confirmed date and time by time stamping
  • Content Accessibility Evidence
  • Content Integrity

You will always count on electronically signed certificates containing the events during the content publishing.

How does it work

Document Publishing

Publicación de documentos Publicación de documentos

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Our professional team is prepared to give you support and solve all your doubts. Please let us contact you.

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Prepared for the Administration

Comply with all Contractor Profile requirements.

The Spanish Law 11/2007, of June 22nd, on Electronic Access of citizens to Public Services, sets forth a new relationship system between the citizen and de Administration and makes compulsory the use of electronic means by the Public Administration regarding its communications and notifications.

As this measure is done electronically and not by paper means, a list of new legal requirements to be taken into account arises. Among these, it must be highlighted the content of Article 42 of the Spanish Law 30/2007, of October 30th, which regulates the Contractor Profile. This Article states that the contracting authorities must display on the internet their Contractor Profile.

Moreover, it specifies that the Contractor Profile computer system shall have a method which provides a credible proof of the initial and final moment of the public display and also enables to provide an account of the events during the valid period of certain content.

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